Work Update

Quick work update: I’m soooooo close to finishing Flesh and Blood I can taste it. We’re now at the point where my amazing friend and designer Yolander has started working on the cover design. She shared a sneak preview of how things were going the other day:

By the way, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter then you should because I’m A Grade hilarious on there. I’m also pretty sweary, so if that’s not your thing then don’t follow me. Whatever.

At this point in time I’m thinking that it will be finished 30/11, off to the editor for a week and then artworking done on it ready to be published round about the 16/12. Publishing that close to Christmas is absolute insanity, clearly, but I don’t really have any options – it has to come out before the end of 2021 so that I can keep to my book per year schedule (Before and After was out Jan 2020, so it’s only just scraping in under the wire).

I’m starting to think about what the next book will be after Flesh and Blood. Got some exciting ideas that have got pretty dusty while I’ve worked out how F&B should come into the world. It’s not been an easy book to write, due in part to the pandemic. I was talking to a friend the other day about how much psychic energy COVID has required of us all and how we shouldn’t be surprised if we just feel a bit exhausted right now. If you feel tired and low at the moment then I’m sorry to hear that. Try and be kind to yourself and appreciate that we’ve all been through some shit. We’re going to make it. We’ll be ok.

The take up on the free ad astra stories and NFTs has been really good and the story is getting good feedback from readers. A lot of them are saying that it feels like the start of a bigger story and I definitely agree with that. If you want to grab one while they’re still available to grab then drop me your ETH address. To get one of those you just need to install Metamask. It’s been really interesting to write something about new and dangerous technology and deliver it in a corresponding way. Feels good man.

Ok, back to it. I’ve got approximately 10,000 amends spotted by the Advanced Reader team to sort out.