Vic Is Not Having A Good September – A Short Story

Whaaaaat? Where’s this free short story you promised me? Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s had to be hidden as it has been entered as part of the MMU Short Story Competition. So until that’s done I’m not allowed to have it on the web. Sorry. There’s plenty of short fiction around the site to read and if that doesn’t satisfy, you could always follow me on Twitter and berate me there.

3 thoughts on “Vic Is Not Having A Good September – A Short Story”

  1. Brilliant. I have always liked wasps and feed them on a regular basis. I never shoo them away and am quite happy to let them crawl about my person, even my face. I have never been stung.

  2. Excellent! Favourite bit: “He leaves the third one because he wants to find a fourth. What sort of reason is that for leaving a pub? Stupid.” A lot of tragicomedy distilled in that.

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