The Flesh and Blood Soundtrack

Music is an essential part of writing for me, but more than providing a suitable ambience to imagine things, sometimes certain songs just seem to force their way into stories. This was absolutely the case with Flesh and Blood, where a few different songs embedded themselves into the text and refused to let go. That’s earworms for you.

As a way of distracting myself from editing (nearly 50% of the way through. Keep going!) I thought I’d go through the book and pull out any of the songs that are mentioned in the text. Some of these are directly referred to, others are just playing during various scenes. I’ve also included a couple that were mentioned but then lost out to other songs as I edited. It’s an eclectic mix, running from Vengaboys to Aretha Franklin. Hope you enjoy listening!

If you’d like to read the book, then stay tuned to the blog, my Twitter and Facebook and the email list because it’s being released in December, so you’ll at least have something to distract you from your relatives this yuletide season. Plus Flesh and Blood makes for a fine accompaniment to a Rennie or two…