The End of the World Reading Club Special Flesh and Blood Offer

The End of the World Reading Club (hereafter TEOTWRC) is a great subscription option for anyone who loves post-apocalyptic fiction – and if you don’t, what are you doing here? They send subscribers a new post-apocalyptic book every month and, here’s the genius, they add in themed gifts for each book.

Like, you know when you’re reading a book and someone eats a Twinkie and you think, “Huh, I wonder what a Twinkie tastes like?” Well in the TEOTWRC, one of your gifts might be a pack of Twinkies. The gifts are better than stale cream-filled cakes, but you get the point.

If you needed further incentive to give it a go, they’re offering a very special, limited gift box of Flesh and Blood and the presents are bananas. Not actual bananas, as in mad bananas. I’m not allowed to spoil the surprises that you get when you order a copy, but read through this link and you should be able to guess. Bananas, right?

The Flesh and Blood special offer is nearly sold out, so if you want one of these then you’ll have to be quick. Click this link and throw digital money at them!