The Before and After Audiobook is Out Now

I’m very proud to say that the Before and After audiobook is out now and should be available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon now (if you find it’s not then do let me know on Facebook or Twitter)

I think that Audible do a free listen, so if you’re not signed up as a customer yet then you can register and get Before and After as a free credit. I’m assuming I get paid if that’s the case, if not then make sure you leave me a review!

It’s been a painless process for me, largely because the excellent narrator Chris Devon did it all for me. If you’re in the market for a voice-over or book narration then I highly recommend him.

I wanted to narrate the book myself, largely because I’m a horrible control-freak, but after I recorded a sample it became apparent just how involved the process of getting the audio right is. Plus, when Chris auditioned it was fairly apparent that he was better than me so that made the decision easier.

Hopefully, we’ll have Flesh and Blood recorded and out by the end of the year too.

Go have a listen (US readers / UK readers and let me know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.