Research, Research, Research

As I get more settled with the synopsis and the plot of what actually happens in the story, it means that I can start to dive into the deeper research around the various elements that crop up in the book.

This is proving to be an interesting step to make as it requires talking to experts and sounding authoratitive about what I’m doing. After all, if you’re asking people to give up their time to speak on things they know about, then the least I can do is sound like I know what I’m on about as well.

Thus it’s time to strap on the star-spangled sequinned jump suit, fire up the thrumming motorcycle and try once more to leap credibility canyon. It’s never a pleasant feeling to pretend like you know what you’re doing, especially when you’re flying through the air. It’s exhilarating! Then terrifying! Then exhilarating again! Then… Oh, you know what, of course The Simpsons have already done it…

Anyway, these are the research topics I’m talking to people about:

If you know anything about any of the above. Or you know someone who knows someone then give me a shout!