Starter for Ten – 24/6/19

Why do I reach for the epipen every time I see you again?

These rashes you give can’t be right, but it happens every time on sight.

The tightness in my throat, the sweating of my palms, you’re a Crunchy Nut Cornflake hidden in the cereal box without qualms.

You make my teeth itch.

You make my eyes scratch.

You enlarge my thyroid.

My auto-immune system no longer recognises you and it’s killing me.

3 thoughts on “Starter for Ten – 24/6/19”

  1. It seemed to be a harmless little nut
    I bit down on it with trepidation but
    My thoat became constricted
    My knees transformed to liquid
    And stabbing pains tore right throughout my gut.

  2. Hickory dickory brazil
    These nuts are making me ill
    There are bits in my teeth
    It’s bad for my health
    And something something nuts.

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