Flesh and Blood Audiobook Out Now!

Following on from the success of the Before and After audiobook, I’m proud to say that I’ve once again teamed up with Chris Devon to offer an audiobook version of Flesh and Blood.

Working with Chris has been an absolute pleasure, essentially there’s been very little that I’ve had to do other than listen to the finished product and listen out for any audio blips (think we spotted three for the whole story). It helped that Chris really did a lot of research for his narration of Before and After, so this was really just a case of getting out of his way and letting him do his thing.

My biggest question was how he was going to read Bear and I hope you’ll agree that he did a great job of becoming a dog-ruined animatronic bear. You can check it out on the free sample.

I’m hard at work on this year’s book. It’s at an annoying stage where I go back and forth on whether it’s an interesting idea, hate all the characters and get embarrassed about how puerile the story is. The trick at this stage is to not give up and know that it’s just a standard crisis of confidence that everyone gets regardless of what job they do.

Hope your 2023 has got off to a good start and I look forward to giving you something new to read this year.