Do you want a signed copy of Flesh and Blood, plus mild author stupidity

So Flesh and Blood has been out for a few days now and so far the reviews have been incredible. Thank you so much anyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts on the book. It makes a HUGE difference to Amazon algorithms and, frankly, to my ego, so please keep doing it.

Few bits of related news:

NEWS ITEM ONE: To celebrate Flesh&Blood hitting the top ten (it’s a best-seller/bestseller/best seller!) I’m offering to sign your book. I’ve got some cool Before & After postcards and if you would like me to send you one that you can then stick in your copy of the book/s then I will gladly do so. I’ll even pay the postage (UK readers only, sorry. International readers, I’ll still do it but you’ll have to pay the postage). In return all I ask is that you consider making a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society. Drop me a message including your name and address on email ajshanahan AT gmail DOTCOM and I’ll get it done.

NEWS ITEM TWO: I’m an idiot. When you do a pre-sale book with Amazon, they “lock” the content three days before it goes live. I uploaded the book three days before but it was a very slightly earlier version, I guess that there are about 30 amends that the final version has. It’s nearly all spelling/grammar, but it bugs the hell out of me. Amazon said that if I uploaded the correct version straight away as soon as it went live then they’d send that version out. In short, they lied. It’s taken them two days to get around to finally updating the ebook sales that went out at the stroke of midnight. Consequently, you might have an email that looks like this:

If you do and you’ve not read Flesh and Blood yet, please update the version, if only for my sanity. If you’ve already read it, then please assume that all of those typos that you spotted have already been taken care of.

NEWS ITEM THREE: I’m thinking of doing some merch. Would you be interested in buying a Before and After/Flesh and Blood tshirt/mug/toothbrush?

I dunno. I’m rubbish at images, let me know if you’ve got a better idea.

Until next time. Shazam!